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Flow Pack (HFFS)- PACIFIC SSF Flow Wrapper

Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that makes a totally hermetic and leak proof three sealing pillow pack for meat and poultry packing in trays. Specifically designed to work with stretch shrink films as SES.

Flow Pack (HFFS)- PACIFIC SSF Flow Wrapper

The new PACIFIC SSF system is a Stretch Shrink Wrapper that produces a Case Ready "leak proof" pack for meat and poultry products in trays.

This packaging system is formatted to produce packs with excellent aesthetics. Thus, the PACIFIC SSF is equipped with a system that streches the film around the tray and forms a tight bag around the product. The next stage involves the use of a vacuum system that evacuates the air from the pack before the seals are created (avoiding the need for any holes in the pack for air evacuation during the shrinking process). The seals are created by a longitudinal trim seal system and a hot bar seal jaw that produces very narrow seals.The narrow longitudinal trim seal on the bottom of the pack allows printing on both the top and the bottom of the pack. The final result is a tightly wrapped leak proof case-ready pack with a superb aesthetic appearance.

This electronic machine is one of the most flexible on the market, as it can wrap products up to 280 mm. (11") wide and 180 mm. (7") high, and can use both printed and non printed film. The system can also include the option of an automatic indexer that simplifies the packaging process.

The PACIFIC SSF series is controlled by an electronic platform that manages the movements of every single motor installed in the machine, and has been desgned for user friendly product changes. Thus, product set-up parameters are controlled through an industrial PC and a touch screen by a Microsoft Windows based graphic icon software. This PC based electronic platform reduces product changeover time to minimum levels, compared to other mechanically driven or servo driven machines, and allows sharing data through a computer network.

Designed for the fresh food sector, the machine has a foodindustry oriented design with special consideration for the cleaning of the machine, protection against humidity and use of stainless materials, etc. The machine is built on a strong cantilever format frame, where all the drive mechanisms are assembled in a frame that is isolated from the packaging process. This design concept, compared with the other traditional frame formats, prevents any debris from the products ending up in the drive mechanisms. This reduces cleaning, improves the life of the components and ensures the maximum hygienic conditions are maintained for all sectors of the fresh food industry.

The PACIFIC SSF system includes a wide range of hot air and hot water shrink tunnels that provide the required optimum package appearance to the case-ready packs .


  • Right to left versions.
  • Automatic tray indexer.
  • TSSF Tracking shrink tunnel for End Seal shrinking on printed film applications.
  • T150 Shrink tunnel for high profile products (whole birds, ...).
  • Photocell for printed film registration system.
  • Automatic film reel splicing unit.