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FV 35 - SD

Sanitary Design Flow Vac

FV 35 - SD

The FLOW VAC® 35 SD  packaging system is based on a flow-wrapping machine that creates vacuum bags from a barrier roll stock located on the bottom side. The machine loads the product onto the film and creates a vacuum bag around the product with a fully hermetic top longitudinal seal and one (1) end open cross seal. Once the bag has been created an exit belt transports this bag with the product inside it to the vacuum system.

The system offers significant benefits as it produces savings in packaging material usage as well as minimizing costs. 

The machine is designed for the fresh food sector following USDA design criteria. In the machine's design, special consideration has been made to the machine's cleaning process, protection from humidity and use of stainless materials, etc. Following these guidelines, hollow areas and niches have been prevented, product or liquid collection areas have been removed and the machine has been made accessible for inspection, maintenance, cleaning and sanitation.

Sanitary design for the fresh food sector following USDA design criteria.

Protection from humidity

Use of stainless steel materials

Easy accessibility for cleaning and inspection

Elimination of hollow areas, niches and other possible liquid collection areas

Continuous welds on stainless steel frame that prevent crevices and collection areas

Cantilever frame format eliminates horizontal surfaces

Electronic components  mounted in a separate  cabinet inside machine's  main frame



Using patent-pending technology, ULMA has developed a simple but brilliant solution to automate the feeding of a belt vacuum chamber on both sealing bars. Packages are sealed only on one end and prepared to be transferred to the buffering belt of the vacuum chamber with the open end facing both seal bars on the vacuum chamber. A 90° transfer system pairs the packages to the buffering belt of the vacuum chamber so that both seal bars can be utilized. If the products are not small enough to be paired, an auto-detect system will load the product as a single item. This automated system increases productivity and reduces labor costs. The packaging system is ideal for the meat and cheese industry.

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