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Chaotic Master Bag Line

Significant Cost Savings Example Using One Pacific Master Bag 55 vs. Four Manual Snorkel Style (MAP) Systems

Chaotic Master Bag Line

• Reduces labor for loading Master Bags
• Cycle speeds range from 14 to 25 master bags per minute depending on tray size and grouping size
• Pacific Master Bag 55 allows different tray sizes through the machine with no change over
• Variable cut off length by measuring tray configuration
• Easily adjustable for single lane and dual lane configurations


Four Manual Snorkel Style (MAP) System – 8 people - 12 to 14 master bags per minute

One Pacific MB 55 – 4 people – 14 to 25 master bags per minute

Master Bag

4 people per line per shift
4 X $45,000 per year loaded labor rate = $180,000.00/shift
$180,000.00 savings per line per shift x 2 shifts = $360,000.00 in labor savings per year

Current operation is precut absorbers in pouches, manual inserted into master bags.
$.03 savings per unit based on purchase of bulk rolls
$.03 x 20 packs/min = $.60/min x 60 min = $36.00 savings per hour
$36.00/ hr. x 14 hr. production = $504.00 savings per day
$504.00 per day x 300 working days = $151,200.00 in savings per year

25% Reduction in production time
Increased capacity for new business