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Flow Pack (HFFS) - ARTIC Flow Wrapper

Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that makes a totally hermetic three sealing pillow pack for fresh food in modified atmosphere (MAP). High performance level. Reclosable side seal feature available.

Flow Pack (HFFS) - ARTIC Flow Wrapper

Packaging machine designed to pack fresh food products with modified atmosphere (MAP) for extended shelf life. The system is used to pack products such as fresh or processed meat, poultry, pizza, fish, pasta or cheese in MAP. The shelf life is extended as the product is packed in a hermetically sealed pack with a mixture of protective gases inside.

The new Long Dwell sealing head is characterized by an "oval" motion profile in the jaw, which assures packs with perfectly hermetic seals at high production speeds. This new sealing head, together with the state-of-the-art electronic technology and a food-industry oriented design, turn this ARTIC family into the ideal machine to meet the demands of the food industry.


  • Electronic packaging machine powered with independent motors synchronized by a motion control system.
  • Machine design is specially adapted to make cleaning of machine easy, and to keep the machine in optimum hygienic condition.
  • Machine is built on a cantilevered stainless steel frame to prevent dirt and dust accumulation and allowing for optimum cleaning and hygiene.
  • Long Dwell cross sealing station specially designed to obtain hermetic seals at high speed when using barrier films.
  • Reel holder with pneumatic fastening system and motorized system for the unwinding of film.
  • 2 meter long in-feed conveyor made fully in stainless steel and designed for easy cleaning.
  • Gas flushing system.
  • The control panel has a monochrome touch screen for the user/machine interface that allows various parameter settings for each product (bag length, speed, temperatures, etc ...)
  • The "No product - No Bag" and "Misplaced product" safety functions are standard in this machine.



  • Sanitary version. This version is manufactured with high degree stainless steel materials and designed for ease of sanitary cleaning of the machine and avoidance of dirt accumulation.
  • Top Reel and Bottom Reel versions.
  • Versions for various films (barrier laminated film, shrink barrier film "BDF", ...)
  • Photocell for print registration.
  • "On line" residual oxygen analyzer with automatic gas flow regulation.
  • In-line automatic feeding systems.