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VS/BL - Doser / Filler

This doser is suitable for filling homogeneous products with particles up to .2" cubed. For example; tomato sauce, meat sauce, soup, juice, & syrup.

VS/BL - Doser / Filler

G. Mondini



  • Filling body with 2 rotary lobes.
  • Four gallon hopper, complete with level controls to maintain constant product level. (additional size hoppers available)
  • Filling valve complete with a disc to open and close the discharge ports, a spring fitted on this disc ensures a perfect fit with the body of the valve.
  • The movement is pneumatically controlled by a piston mounted on the valve itself. Due to the special design of the disc, product is not damaged during the filling phase and a no drip fill is ensured.
  • Variable motor & lobe Speed.
  • Stainless steel frame AISI 304 L.
  • The hopper can also be double jacketed to maintain the temperature of a hot product. The hopper is heated by a heating element with thermal oil circulation, where a thermostat controls the temperature.

  • Moving head device to increase output
  • Assembled on wheels
  • Up to 4 dosing heads for multi-lane filling
  • 52 gallon hopper
  • Allen Bradley PLC