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DTT/LC.80 - Pocket Filler

This doser type DTT/LC-80.1 is a single row volumetric pocket filler intended for filling free flowing frozen diced vegetables, penne pasta, short pasta, rotini, meat and rice.

DTT/LC.80 - Pocket Filler

G. Mondini

Pocket filler accessory


  • Product hopper positioned on the linear table complete with timed probes to maintain a min/max level of the product, so that constant fill is maintained while the pockets are filled.
  • Table moves in and out over the filling station on the line.
  • Product spreading paddle wheels controlled by a geared motor. Top and bottom plates with pockets. The adjustment of the volume is 90%. e.g.: 200 cc + 90% = 380 cc.
  • Electromechanical and pneumatic cams to synchronize the movements.
  • Proximity photocell to detect tray is on line to guarantee a no tray, no fill.
  • Parts in contact with product and frame in stainless steel AISI 304/L.
  • Filling capacity: 100 to 190 cc., 200 to 380 cc Speed: up to 18 cycles/min., (up to 70 fills per minute).
  • Compressed air (clean & dry): without air assist - 50 NL/min.


  • Assembled on wheels
  • Up to 8 pockets for increased output
  • Product elevator
  • Allen Bradley PLC