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MD-700 High Speed Metal Detector

Digi MD-700 High Speed Metal Detector Rejection System. The combination unit of metal detector and rejector offers a compact, all in one, stand-alone design.

MD-700 High Speed Metal Detector

Using photo electric sensors, the MD-700 is able to accurately reject products at a rate of up to 150ppm. Robust stainless steel construction, easy to operate and reliable.

- Stainless Steel Construction
The stainless steel tubular frame construction ensures a high quality, durable and strong structure.

- Integrated Metal Detection Head
The metal detection head is fully integrated with the rejector providing easy setup.

- Push Arm Rejection
The push arm type rejection offers a high speed, accurate and reliable method to reject a wide range of packs.


Digi MD-700 Metal Detector

- Intelligent Detection
To ensure pack rejection, the unit has advanced features such as reject confirmation, bin full and low air detection. Other features include on/off of metal detector, reset of rejector & reject confirmation check, all operated and protected by key lock.

-Rejector Security
The rejector has an enclosed top guard with interlock and lockable bin. The high level warning light system ensures any visual alarm is seen. An audible alarm is also present.


Power: 220-240V AC 50Hz 105-115V AC 50Hz
Air: 58-87 lbs/sq. in., 50-300 ltrs/min
Pack Speed: Up to 150 ppm (dependent on pack size)
Pack Length: 80-200mm
Pack Width: 40-250mm
Pack Height: Up to 90mm
Metals: Ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel
IP Rating: Metal detector – IP69K (Nema 4X equivalent)
Construction: Stainless steel and anodized aluminum
Alarm: Audible and visual
Dimensions: Length – 1250mm; Width – 1100mm; Height – 1034mm