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MI-700 Compact Weigh/Price/Labeler

The MI-700 compact high-speed weigh/price/labeler has been designed to be compatible with a variety of Digi labelers, total printers, conveyors, guides and rejectors as well as external devices such as metal detectors, sleevers, scanners and wrappers.

MI-700 Compact Weigh/Price/Labeler

The MI-700 is a compact 3 conveyor, single framed weigh price labeler. 

Capable of dynamic weighing at speeds of up to 100 packs per minute, the MI-700 proves an effective high speed tool to suit most modern day production lines.

Standard features include tall pack guides ensuring product is channeled through the MI-700 on a consistent path. The Digi High Speed Labeler is also fitted as standard, boasting a large 300mm diameter label roll capacity and near edge printing at 300dpi. Together the tall guides and High Speed Labeler allow for constant accuracy of label application.


Power:                        220-240V AC 50Hz 105-115V AC 50Hz
Air:                              4-6 bar 50-300 ltrs/min
Pack Speed:                up to 100ppm
Pack Size:                    L 80-300mm W 40-250mm H 180mm
Capacity:                    3kg/1g 6kg/1g or greater, 12kg/2g or greater
Pack Guide:                 Adjustable guides
Print Head:                  80mm/108mm (opt) @ 300dpi
Print Speed:                260mm/sec
Label Size:                  W - 30 to 120mm
                                    H - 28 to 150mm
Label Roll:                   Diameter 300mm
Label Core:                 Diameter 76mm out or inside wound
Applicator:                  Air Box Type or Touch Type